How To Get Gorgeous Painted Nails

How To Get Gorgeous Painted Nails

A professionally manicured and polished nail is what every girl has her eyes on, don’t you? Somehow at home, it just doesn’t happen. Actually, applying a neat, smooth, thin coat of nail polish can be tricky. You end up with thick layers, ugly brush marks, more so your cuticles and surrounding skin end up with color. Regular salon sessions can get pricey, but now it is possible to give yourself a professional looking manicure. All it takes is a bit of time and the right tools.

  1. Prep your nails by removing your old nail polish with ODIVA acetone-free nail polish remover. One wipe is all you need for all your nails.
  2. Clip and file your nails if required.  Always remember to file your nails in one direction.  The ODIVA nail file should be placed underneath your fingernail. Position it between the skin on the tip of your finger and the underside of your nail. Using short and sharp strokes, pull the nail file in one direction across the tip of your nail.
  3. Do you happen to have ridges on your nails? Use the ODIVA nail buffer to smoothen the nail plate. Work from your cuticle to the tip, buffing in one direction only.
  4. Soak your hand in lukewarm water mixed with some mild hand wash. This will help soften the cuticles and nails. Plus, it also cleans your nails. Use an orange stick by ODIVA to clean your cuticles. Gently push back the cuticles so that there is no growth of cuticles where the polish will be applied.
  1. Use a single coat of one of the base coats by ODIVA to prepare for a great bond of the polish to the nail plate. Base coat is important in having a salon manicured finish. If you happen to have a ridged surface, follow steps 1-4 post which the use of a ridge filler brings a smooth surface.
  1. We are now set for getting a color coat on our nails. Pick your favourite nail polish shade. Your nail polish application needs to get done in three strokes. Pick a decent amount of polish on your nail polish brush.


  1. Place the brush in the middle of your nail, pull it down to the tip of your nail which meets the fingertips. Bring your brush to the cuticle area, leaving a hairline between the cuticle and the nail bed, drag it to the tip of your nail. Repeat with two strokes on each side of the nail, from the cuticle area to the tips. Thin layers of nail polish dry the fastest and bond best.
  2. Once the first coat is dry, go for a second coat. Incase you go in for our one coat finishes, seal in the nail polish with our top coat. This will add shine and let the nail polish last longer.


Use our Bring Back The Shine #20 to restore the finish after a few days, once the shine reduces.


Go Gorgeous. Enjoy your day!!

Tip: If you have some nail polish on the skin around your nails, dip a Q-tip in some acetone and rub it off. You could also rub some Vaseline or petroleum jelly on adjoining skin before applying nail polish. This will act as a barrier between the skin and nail polish.

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